Research for Chain Store Guide’s 2012 Databases of Retail and Foodservice Technology has concluded and both editions are now available. Over the past year there have been a few exciting advances in new and existing technologies across both the retail and foodservice industries. There have also been changes to once promising technologies that don’t quite fit the current needs of today’s consumers.

“Change is inevitable in the retail and foodservice landscape but it’s also necessary to remain competitive. There are no guarantees and many promising emerging technologies will fizzle out (remember biometric payments?) while others have the real potential to take off in 2012 and beyond.”

That was an excerpt from Chain Store Guide’s Technology Industry Summary “Emerging Technologies and the Year in Review”. The report highlights new technologies for the retail and foodservice industries that are showing potential and others that are on the decline.

Accurate and timely information about the technologies retailers and foodservice operators use is extremely valuable, and Chain Store Guide’s 2012 Databases of Retail and Foodservice Technology are designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers, software vendors, VARS, and retailers. We’ve added nearly 80 new companies and over 2,000 key personnel names to both databases combined, and over 80% of the names have personal email addresses.

These databases give users keen business insights and valuable data on the technologies currently in use at nearly 2,700 retail and foodservice companies throughout the United States and Canada.