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JON P. VRABELY -President and Chief Executive Officer


Since 1885, Huttig Building Products has distributed product from the leading manufacturers in residential building materials.  The company currently operates through a network of 27 wholesale distribution centers serving 41 states literally across the country, from Maine to Southern California to South Florida to Northwestern Washington.  Huttig sells primarily to building materials dealers, national buying groups, home centers and industrial users such as the builders of manufactured homes.


Long a financial strength within the industry, the devastating effects brought on first by economic conditions surrounding the subprime crisis and followed by the recession have stunted this company as well as most of its competitors.  After achieving consecutive years of billion dollar plus record sales for 2005 and 2006,  Huttig experienced precipitous drops in annual sales by 20%, 23% and finally just over 32 %.  These sales cuts have been mirrored by regretful cuts in company personnel.


During the past two most recent fiscal years the company has reported modest gains in annual sales.  As positive industry news trickles in it appears that