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2012 Systemwide Sales:
$7,400,000,000 (e)

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CEO; President: Mr. Patrick Doyle


Domino’s Pizza, long known for its speedy pizza making and delivery service, is now promoting to its customers that slower is better and has made an unprecedented pledge to slow down. Dominos is specifically talking about the Handmade Pan Pizza, their latest menu item, and how it takes just a little longer to make and bake.

The new message is a change of pace for the company that has held a World’s Fastest Pizza Maker competition since 1983. The company is also famous for the 30-minute guarantee that gave customers a free pizza if their order wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes. Later this was reduced to $3 off the order.

The guarantee was in place for parts of the 1970’s thorough the early 1990’s and was finally dropped after a lawsuit was brought by the family of a woman who had been killed by a delivery driver and another by a woman who had been injured by a delivery driver that ran a red light. In late 2007 the company went back to its roots and introduced the slogan, “You Got 30 Minutes” but did not include the guarantees.

According to Chain Store Guide, Domino’s Pizza is the number two pizza chain ranked by systemwide sales behind only Pizza Hut. The company was founded in 1960 and has seen significant growth over the past 53 years and now ranks among the world’s top public restaurant brands. The company is planning to open 200 locations over the next 12 months.