Nowadays, it isn’t unusual for restaurant locations to provide curbside pickup to customers who are constantly on-the-go, but what about for non-food related items like clothing and shoes? Continuing to make the shopping experience for consumers even more convenient, Nordstrom recently implemented curbside pickup at 20 stores including its flagship location in Seattle, WA.

The process is quite simple, really. After the consumer places their order on Nordstrom’s website, they will receive an email letting them know when their order is ready for pick up with a phone number included. Once the consumer is on their way, they can call or text the phone number given and a customer service representative will be waiting curbside with the ordered products in hand.

Although Nordstrom has been offering in-store pickup since 2008, the retail giant has been trying to compete with the likes of Amazon for increased online traffic. Now, the customer can easily have their order delivered to their homes or curbside while sitting in their cars.

According to an interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal, co-President Jamie Nordstrom stated, “We’re trying to [make] shopping more convenient.  In the past we’ve made people come all the way up to the back of the third floor.”

Now, consumers don’t even need to enter the front door let alone leave their vehicles.  Nordstrom is currently working with mall representatives to create designated parking spots for its on-the-go consumers. Additionally, men’s alterations will soon be able to be picked up via the new curbside program as well.

According to Chain Store Guide’s Apparel Specialty Stores and Department Stores databases, Nordstrom has nearly 120 department stores across the US and Canada. In due time with continued success, it can be expected that Nordstrom will offer its newest and most convenient service to all of its locations nationwide.