La-Z-Boy Moves

One La-Z-Boy Drive
Monroe, MI 48162-5138

734 242-1444

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Kurt L. Darrow:  Chairman, President, CEO

Recently, La-Z-Boy Inc. visionary Kurt Darrow proudly oversaw the opening of his company’s new international headquarters.  The brand-new, custom designed building set the company back an estimated $60 million.

Any doubters as to the value of so grand a structure to the iconic furniture company only need to check out corporate Google, as executives from this leading-edge innovator announced that they had enjoyed their personal tour of the state-of the art structure. After completing their tour, they told Darrow that his facility had out-Googled Google.

Mr. Darrow notes that a visit to the new headquarters clearly reveals that his company is eagerly looking forward to a new-age future.  The former headquarters was not far from the new building, also in Monroe.  However, the old headquarters was a single-story building, originally designed as a furniture store and occupied by La-Z-Boy for 88 years.

The new three-story structure, while in relatively close proximity to the old headquarters, is light years away in terms of design, functionality and electronics communications capabilities. The La-Z-Boy reputation goes back nearly nine decades.  Its new headquarters conveys a brand looking several decades ahead.