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Consumer Spending Report Index

April 2015 

The CSG U.S. Spending Monitor decreased 2.5 points. One explanation for the decrease is that more adults this month
rated the economy as poor and a greater percentage said it is getting worse. Gas prices have slowly started rising again,
international tensions have heightened, and other economic issues have been weighing on American’s minds, causing
many people’s perception of the economy to worsen. Republicans had the highest percentage of people that rated the
economy as fair or poor, with 79.1%. The percentage of Democrats that answered fair or poor was less, but still high, with
52.0%. Most adults surveyed rated their personal finances as fair with 39.1%; the other categories are evenly split with
9.3% answering excellent, 29.6% answering good, 20.4% answering poor, and 1.7% weren’t sure. Adults were also
evenly split in their opinions on if their personal finances are getting better or worse, with 27.6% answering better and
33.7% answering worse.

The CSG Restaurant Spending Index decreased 0.6 points between February and March. Although there was a slight
drop in the restaurant spending index, households across the U.S. still regularly frequent dining establishments with
64.3% of married adults visiting casual dining locations compared to 54.8% of single adults surveyed. Fast food locations
were patronized the most by single adults (31.6%) compared to the 23.8% of married adults. Expected average costs per
person results followed in-line with the types of restaurants both single and married adults visited a majority of the time.

The CSG Retail Spending Index increased 0.6 points. While the percentage of adults that reported they would spend
more on household expenses decreased to 11.8%, almost 20% said they would spend more on household improvements,
and 17.4% said they would spend more on clothing, footwear, or accessories. As spring is approaching, it is expected
that spending in these areas will continue to increase in the upcoming months. When asked if they expect any added
expenses or a shortfall in income in the next thirty days, 36.1% answered yes, 47.5% answered no, and 16.4% weren’t
sure. Almost half of adults reported spending about the same as last month and over 30% answered more. When asked
on spending next month, more than half answered they would spend about the same and almost 30% answered more…
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CSG: Consumer Spending Report
April 2015

Consumer Spending Report

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The CSG US Spending Monitor, Retail Spending Index, and Restaurant Spending Index are monthly indexes of consumer spending intentions and capacity based on interviews with a random sample of 1,500 U.S. adults. In addition to spending, the survey asks consumers their opinions on the U.S. economy and their personal finances, retail and other discretionary spending.The Monitor began in January 2014 with a base index of 100. CSG captures a unique view of consumer, retail, and foodservice spending intentions. The CSR includes the CSG US Spending Monitor, which tracks economic confidence and spending intentions of US consumers, the CSG Restaurant Spending Index, which measures consumer spending intentions for restaurant purchases, and the CSG Retail Spending Index that measures consumer retail and discretionary spending confidence.The CSR will be available to all customers this summer delivered on a monthly basis. If you would like to receive the CSR report in your email, fill out the form to the left.Download Past Issues:
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