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Consumer Spending Report Index

February 2015

The CSG U.S. Spending Monitor increased 2.8 points. Gas prices have gone down, unemployment rates are also down, and Americans are feeling optimistic about the current state of the country. When asked to rate the economy, a combined 36.4% stated that they believe the economy is excellent or fair; this is the highest percentage since beginning the monitor when 22.9% of adults answered the same. Overall, a combined 42.8% of American adults believe their personal finances are excellent or good, and 31.9% believe their finances are getting better.There have been many reports on the idea that America’s middle class is shrinking and the divide between the upper and lower classes is growing larger than ever before. This divide is extremely evident when breaking down how they rate their personal finances and if they believe their finances are getting better or worse.

The CSG Restaurant Spending Index increased 2.3 points between December and January. This increase in consumer confidence could be caused by the annual influx of gift cards being redeemed around this time of year. In January, 80.2% of adults reported dining out once or less a week compared to those who were surveyed in December at 81.5%. There was also a slight increase in the percentage of adults who frequented restaurants 3 or more times a week at 4.0% in January compared to those who surveyed at 3.4% in December. Gift cards could also explain the 8.1% of adults who reported frequenting fine dining establishments a majority of the time.

The CSG Retail Spending Index decreased 0.4 points. While consumer confidence is up, shoppers are still being money conscious and reports of spending are down. More adults are reporting that they will spend less or about the same in every area of discretionary spending. One reason for the slight decrease is that there are no major holidays approaching and consumers are using this down time, the cheaper gas prices, and potential tax returns to put more money into savings. As evident from the stagnant index, 45.7% of adults reported spending about the same as last month. Over half of those surveyed also reported that they will spend about the same next month as well; therefore, is expected that spending will remain about the same next month…Read More

CSG: Consumer Spending Report
February 2015

Consumer Spending Report

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The CSG US Spending Monitor, Retail Spending Index, and Restaurant Spending Index are monthly indexes of consumer spending intentions and capacity based on interviews with a random sample of 1,500 U.S. adults. In addition to spending, the survey asks consumers their opinions on the U.S. economy and their personal finances, retail and other discretionary spending.The Monitor began in January 2014 with a base index of 100. CSG captures a unique view of consumer, retail, and foodservice spending intentions. The CSR includes the CSG US Spending Monitor, which tracks economic confidence and spending intentions of US consumers, the CSG Restaurant Spending Index, which measures consumer spending intentions for restaurant purchases, and the CSG Retail Spending Index that measures consumer retail and discretionary spending confidence.The CSR will be available to all customers this summer delivered on a monthly basis. If you would like to receive the CSR report in your email, fill out the form to the left.

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