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Consumer Spending Report Index

October 2014

The CSG U.S. Spending Monitor increased 3.2 points between August and September. The change in the monitor is reflected in the increasing number of adults that believe the economy is excellent or good. This month when asked how they view the economy, 3.1% of adults answered excellent, 20.0% answered good, 39.7% answered fair, 34.9% answered poor, and 2.3% weren’t sure. While one fourth (25.4%) of adults surveyed believe the economy is getting better, 43.2% believe the economy is getting worse. More adults this month are also reporting that their personal finances are getting better: 26.9% this month compared to 23.8% last month.

The CSG Restaurant Spending Index increased 7.3 points between August and September. Adults surveyed are reporting going out to eat more this month than in the past six months. This month, 9.0% reported that they are going out to eat more often than six months ago; last month only 5.5% reported the same. Adults are also expecting to spend more per person when going out to eat, with 17.3% expecting to spend $20-35 per person in October verses 13.4% in July.

The CSG Retail Spending Index rose 4.1 points between August and September. Contributing to this was an increase in every area of spending. Home Improvements had the greatest change in the percentage people reporting they would spend more (14.6% to 18.5%) and was the area that adults reported they would spend most on next month. When asked about overall spending this month compared to last month 33.7% reported that they spent more. More adults (27.5%) are reporting that they expect to increase spending next month as well.

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CSG: Consumer Spending Report
October 2014

Consumer Spending Report

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The CSG US Spending Monitor, Retail Spending Index, and Restaurant Spending Index are monthly indexes of consumer spending intentions and capacity based on interviews with a random sample of 1,500 U.S. adults. In addition to spending, the survey asks consumers their opinions on the U.S. economy and their personal finances, retail and other discretionary spending.

The Monitor began in January 2014 with a base index of 100. CSG captures a unique view of consumer, retail, and foodservice spending intentions. The CSR includes the CSG US Spending Monitor, which tracks economic confidence and spending intentions of US consumers, the CSG Restaurant Spending Index, which measures consumer spending intentions for restaurant purchases, and the CSG Retail Spending Index that measures consumer retail and discretionary spending confidence.

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