About Chain Store Guide

Chain Store Guide has been the leading provider of retail and foodservice sales leads for over 80 years.  Our in-house research staff provides you with the most high quality business to business leads and market data.  The depth of market research is unique to the industries we serve and for many years our subscribers, most of which are top Fortune 500 companies, have communicated soaring success using our products and services.


About CSG Newsroom

CSG Newsroom is the culmination of eight decades of market research paired with our highly experienced editorial staff.  Our editors provide in-depth insights into the industries we serve as a free service to our customers and the community.


The Newsroom articles are divided into 3 major categories:
Company Snapshots – A brief snapshot of a company and its current operations. Includes contact information and last reported sales volume.

Insights – In-depth look at a company or segment by our knowledgeable editorial staff using the vast market data available in the Chain Store Guide database.

eUpdates – Industry specific updates to key personnel, financial focuses, mergers & acquisitions, industry insights, real estate, and green initiatives.