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Our interactive visual eBook (CSG’s vBook) illustrate how industry professionals can use our data in their analytics and provide in-depth analyses of the topic using CSG data.
These new quarterly features are visual representations of the state of each industry and combines CSG consumer-polling research, at-a-glance performance data for top companies, and a spotlight on an up and coming business.
Get the inside scoop on retail & restaurant chains, industry analyses, market predictions, and more.
Each month we take a closer look at a company with our Snapshots. We provide a visual look at the data and what is in store with the SnapForward section. These spotlighted companies may be your next best prospect.
CSG updates its data on a daily basis through editorial and our on-site research center. Top updates include personnel, real estate, industry insights, mergers, and more. Many of our subscribers use this information to determine if they need to make changes to their marketing strategies.
CSG’s Spending Report provides various indexes for the retail and foodservice segments. Use these to gauge how well the market is performing and what consumers are planning to do with their disposable incomes.